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Sogetub Mousse polyéthilène

Polyethylene foam

  • Mousse polyéthilèene

Polyethylene foam

Application:  Insulation and construction, air conditioning, automotive, sport and leisure, hunting, industrial foams, domestic hot water

Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam has high thermal and mechanical resistance. The material can be used in various applications not only in plumbing and heating, but also in the automotive, aerospace, marine, sportswear and other sectors.

Insulation and construction

The physical and chemical characteristics of cross-linked polyethylene and its versatile production make Zetacell the most suitable material for the production of numerous applications such as thermal insulation, soundproofing, sub-flooring, attics, etc.


Air conditioning and refrigeration are two of the major markets in construction and industrial applications. Air conditioning changes the relative humidity, temperature and speed of the air, substantially improving people’s physical well-being. Zetaesse offers a variety of solutions for the insulation of ventilation ducts, with multiple combinations of coupled materials and adhesives that improve the insulating properties and facilitate installation.

Thermal and hydraulic energy savings

Energy is becoming more precious every day. Learning how to "manage" energy means using all the potential that is currently being wasted, with resulting economic and environmental benefits.


Automobile applications include all aspects of motor vehicle design, development, production, marketing and sales. It has become one of largest economic sectors in the world.

Zetaesse has long had a close partnership with a number of international carmakers. The Zetacell product is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of sun visors, flooring, trunks, rear-view mirrors, vibration dampers, seals, etc.

Shoes, sports and clothing

These characteristics make Zetacell an ideal material for use in the fields of sport and clothing. Tatami mats, uppers, insoles, cushions, shoes, packaging and protection are some of the products for which cross-linked polyethylene is an essential element.