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La société

The Company

Sogetub began redrawing industrial tubes and selling non-ferrous metals in 1958.

A committed team

Sogetub is above all the men and women who are committed to:
Working hard every day with their customers, offering them personalised service and professional expertise.
Meeting the company’s quality, deadline and cost commitments.
Offering their clients personalised services through the communication network developed by the company.
Showing true dedication to earn our partners’ trust and satisfy them.

Une équipe qui s’engage Sogetub

A capacity to innovate

Historically located just outside Paris, our 5000 m2 storage facility allows us to manage our stocks dynamically to ensure we fully respect our customers’ quality, time and cost requirements.
Our avant-garde policy has led us to develop not only copper tubing, but a range of complementary products as well.

Une capacité à innover Sogetub

An active partner

Sogetub uses multiple modes of transport suited to the specific needs of each product and the degree of urgency (by batch, express, courier, etc.).
Each shipment, regardless of its volume, is closely monitored by our "transport quality" department all the way to the destination. We also offer:
• on-site deliveries throughout France for our refrigeration customers
• our industrial customers the possibility of managing their stocks in just-in-time mode to reduce costs
• productivity gains, for orders of products from different ranges, that we group and deliver at the same time

Un partenaire actif Sogetub

An international partner

Dotée d’une équipe commerciale dédiée aux techniques d’exportation, Sogetub assure le suivi des commandes partout dans le monde.
Sogetub’s export sales team manages orders anywhere in the world.
The Group’s wide range of products means we can satisfy requests for copper and other alloy tubing and accessories, including and especially, level-wound coils (LWC) for heating and cooling in compliance with all international standards.
To improve its service network, Sogetub has a communication network adapted to personalised services.

Un partenaire international Sogetub

A complete range

Sogetub has selected and developed a range of insulating sleeves and materials, specific copper fittings, ball valves, and white PVC pipes and fittings for industrial cooling and air conditioning.
In addition to Group productions, Sogetub expertly selects high-quality products from its suppliers.
We ensure that all the materials we distribute comply and often exceed the requirements of standards in force.

Une gamme complète Sogetub

A leader in copper tubing

Since mid-2013, when it joined the Italian family-owned group Feinrohren, Sogetub has been a leader in the distribution of copper tubing for plumbing, refrigeration and industrial systems.

Un leader du tube cuivre | Sogetub