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Sogetub Capillaire

Capillary tube

  • Sogetub Capillary pipe

Capillary tube

Application: Refrigeration, industrial

Standard: EN 12449 - EN 12450

Form: Copper capillary tube in 30/60 kg coils or in bars.

Ideal for the manufacture of rivets, fittings for refrigeration compressors and for special refrigeration applications. Feinrohren Cu-DHP copper capillary tubing is available annealed, half-hardened or hardened, in 30/60 kg coils.

GREEN capillary pipe has been chosen by major refrigerator producers worldwide for over 50 years.

The key technical characteristics distinguishing the quality excellence of GREEN capillary tubing are:

  • top-quality raw material guaranteeing optimal product workability,
  • complete compatibility with all refrigerants currently on the market,
  • inner residues well below the limits set by standards EN 12450 and DIN 8964 (having the most restrictive internal cleanliness limits),
  • extremely reduced tolerances on the inner diameter in order to guarantee constant flow, ensuring optimal compressor operation, for a more energy efficient refrigerant system.